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Nice to Meet You

Pamela Ballo is an expert in aligning strategy, energy, people and organizations. 

Pamela has consulted for hundreds of companies across the globe. 

Pamela served as a consultant for Fortune’s 100 Best Companies and has worked with many hundreds of leaders, executives and individuals in the US and Asia, helping companies create exceptional workplaces and individuals create exceptional lives.

Pamela holds a Master's degree in Organizational Behavior and Development from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the University of California, Davis.

Pamela is a consultant, coach, teacher, speaker and writer, serving as subject matter expert for publications such as Working Mother Magazine, Health Magazine and NPR.

Pamela c0-created, developed and managed the Utah Work/Life Award, partnering with the state for over a decade to honor companies who create cultures focused on employee well-being and success as the key to business success.

Pamela has an active passion for wellness in all aspects of life and has practiced tai chi, yoga, meditation and many other mind/body integration techniques for many years. Pam has translated these principles into organizational models to help companies thrive.

Pamela often works with entrepreneurs and was a pioneering member of the Silicon Valley Professional and Technical Diversity Network with experts from Microsoft, HP, Apple, Genentech, Adobe, IBM, Sun, etc.


Pamela lives with her family near Portland, OR and spends her free time hiking, kayaking, building forts and hiding treats for the puppy.

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