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Quantum Workplace Wellness


  • Stress-related illness in US workplaces cost employers $300 Billion. EVERY YEAR.
  • 77% of US employees report having physical symptoms from stress.
  • Health care costs are at an all-time high.




Employees can expect:

  • boost in energy levels

  • reduction of stress

  • increased ability to focus

  • ability to ground themselves

  • easy tools to share with family/co-workers

  • improved productivity

  • increased understanding of self-health

Companies can expect:

  • improved productivity

  • reduced absenteeism

  • healtheir employees

  • healther employee families

  • streamlined energy

  • ongoing learning

  • cost savings from a healthier workforce

In this class employees will learn a holistic, inside-out approach to wellness for themselves and their families, providing them innovative wellness management tools and empowering them to take full responsibility for their health, energy, perspectives and success.

Course is co-lead by Pam Ballo and Dr. Bianca Garilli.

Both virtual and in-person versions are available.

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